Return to Watford City

Starting back in 2014, CRASH+SUES had the privilege of working with the city of Watford City, North Dakota. I say privilege and mean it. It was an honor. As we created Voices of Watford City, we listened to and saw a community that opened their arms to people from all over the world. We saw schools that were getting ready to close suddenly have kids from 100’s of countries, people of all backgrounds working side by side. Thus, CRASH+SUES was delighted to go back this fall and record more stories.

We loaded up a van and again roadtripped our crew up to North Dakota for a few days to revisit our friends there, and meet some new ones. This time we had a few added challenges including century-high winds grinding almost all our outdoor shots/B-roll to a halt not to mention wondering if we'd loose a door to the van, as well as the school suddenly in lockdown (we learmed later most school in ND as well as many in MN went into the same lockdown) thus limiting interviewing and further B-roll acquistion. Thanks to some quick work of multiple simultaneous camera crews, and some creative stock footage for B-roll, once again we captured the heartstring-pulling stories of the people of the community.

As the community continues to grow and thrive, it is looking for more people who want to make their career and home in Watford City. We were again struck by the people and deep sense of community – a wistful slice of Americana. Thank you Watford City!

Video production, location shoot, edit, stock footage, color, storytelling


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