BI Worldwide | Revival

CRASH+SUES developed a compelling narrative based on interviews captured with the real people participating in BI Worldwide's inspiration-based rewards program. C+S captured the energy and emotion as the participants recounted their stories and the joy that surrounded the trips they had,  gifts they selected with their points and memories made.

Once those moments had been captured, Eric Riggs, Mickey Muza and Chris Levin edited the stories into a video. And, further enhanced the narrative incorporating photos and memorabilia, from the various experiences, along with motion graphics to provide an engaging compilation of stories for BIW to bring the benefits of their rewards program to life.



CRASH+SUES Welcomes CD Jon Stone!

We're excited to share that Jon Stone has joined our ranks to help lead our creative team. As our new Creative Director, he brings years of experience and idea-making across industries to the table. He loves to dig into brands, collaborate, and make great ideas better.
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Urban Ventures | 30th Anniversary

CRASH+SUES was challenged to bring the compelling story of Urban Ventures to life in a way that is relevant to a wide range of audiences.
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Children's Minnesota Helps Prevent Injuries

Children's MN reached out to CRASH+SUES to develop and produce a car seat safety video that relied entirely on visual storytelling.
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