What Type of Video is Best for My Business?

Video has consistently been proven to be the most effective tool in reaching potential customers, but what type of video does your company need to get the most out of your investment?

Here is a breakdown of several of the different types of videos and their typical purpose:

  • Origin Video – Tell the origin story of your company. Let the customer get to know how and why your company came to be.
  • Talking Head – A video in which the presenter is talking directly to the audience, with only the upper body or head visible. It’s perfect for most personal, promotional videos, whether it’s a direct appeal, an “about me” video. It conveys a feeling of intimacy.
  • Interview – Interview videos can be two or more people on camera, or can be “news style,” with the interviewer off-camera and the subject on camera.
  • Video Tips Series – Give helpful video tips to build your credibility and establish you as an expert in your niche. A series is ideal for establishing a presence on a video channel, such as YouTube.
  • Series Launch – Often used for product launches, the launch series are usually “teaching” videos that are heavy on content. The idea is to provide value and establish credibility before releasing the final “pitch” video at the end of the series. A video launch series typically includes 3 or 4 “content” videos before the “offer” video.
  • Customer Testimonials – Customers speaking about their experience with your product or service is a powerful, yet under-utilized tool for build trust and credibility with your customers. These can be used on your website or on a sales page promoting a specific product or service.
  • Product Demo – Introduce your product, give a detailed description, and even demonstration of how to use it.
  • Teaching/Webinar Video – Record a webinar and then use the video for sale or distribution. You can post the video webinar on your own website, YouTube, and social media.
  • Sizzle Reel – A high-end sales presentation that shows off your best work in a flashy way.
  • Video E-mail – Video email is a great way to connect and engage with your customers, colleagues or prospects, but adding a more personal touch by “showing up” in person, letting them put a face with the name and message.
  • Culture Video – The best way to educate your customers about what type of company you are is by letting the personality of your company culture and your employees shine.
  • Onboarding Video – Many of us are visual learners and will remember what we see and hear over what we read. By utilizing video, companies can be sure that they are communicating the right message, one that new employees will remember.
  • Training Video – What better way to teach new employees the ropes than to show them step-by-step processes in a video?
  • Explainer Video – An explainer video is an attention grabbing, visual form of communication. Explainer videos can be used to introduce new things to the world, promote established brands and even educate.
  • Vlog – A vlog, or video blog, is a form of blog for which the medium is video, typically a series of videos.
  • Event Video – Record your event for those who can’t make it and share it online.
  • Presentation Video – A video typically shown to a large audience at once, such at a sales meeting or convention.
  • Behind-the-Scenes – People love to see what went in to making something, or a private look in to the mechanics of your business, culture, or event.

  • Along with the many types of videos, there are many styles of execution: animation, motion graphics, typography, whiteboard, live action, or a combination of several styles.

    Video is an awesome tool for any occasion. What type of video is right for your business? That depends on your ultimate specific goal and target audience.

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