Code42 Reputation Campaign

The Challenge:

Develop a fully integrated campaign that inspires security professionals to want to learn more about Code42.

How do we do that? Tap into the "human element":

* Recognize how intertwinded technology and humans are within today's world -- even more so in a post-Covid, remote-hybrid world of work.

* Involving your employees is critical to protect your data.

* Empathy is an important part of this -- employees are not the adversaries but rather allies in combating insider risk.


C+S created digital communications for a range of platforms from CTV ads to digital billboards strategically placed on roads leading from the airport to the site of a key industry conference as well as inside the convention center.


Exhibit & Trade Show

The campaign was further developed using large exhibit hall banners inside the convention center. Campaign messaging continued in the trade show booth to complete a fully integrated messaging journey for those attending the conference.



Once in the booth, several videos delivered an engaging story of Code42’s history along with product videos that delivered a compelling story of why Code42’s products will best meet the needs of those looking for a solution to minimize insider security risks.





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