Children's Minnesota Helps Prevent Injuries

Children's Minnesota is devoted to improving children’s health by providing the highest-quality, family-centered care, advanced through research and education while serving all children. As a result of an increase in visits, due to injuries caused by improper use of car seats, Children's MN reached out to CRASH+SUES to develop and produce a car seat safety video that relied entirely on visual storytelling as a means of reaching all the communities served by the hospital (no voiceover or text on screen). Clarity and accuracy were imperative. C+S managed all phases of the project, from storyboards, through illustration, and animation.

The feedback from experts both inside and outside the organization was overwhelmingly positive, to the point where some community partners requested to use the video as a tool in their family education portfolio. When it comes to our work, seeing that it makes a useful (or material) difference is the highest level of reward!

Motion Graphics, Animation, Illustration, Storyboarding, Video Production, Safety Video


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