Animated Transitions: How to get from Point A to Point B

Oftentimes when working with ad agencies, we will get storyboards as part of our creative brief. Each panel depicts one scene or graphic in the order that it occurs in the spot. This is our roadmap, our bible and the best way for agency creatives to communicate to our production team what they want.

So we know what point A looks like and we know what point B looks like. How do we connect the dots? It’s our job to answer that question. Unlike editors working with footage who are limited to cuts and fades, there are a million ways to move around in animation. Should this scene pop, morph, build-on, fly-through, pull-out, zoom-in, rack focus or move in some new crazy new way that doesn’t even have a name yet? A good animator will be able to develop transitions that are appropriate for the pacing, style and tone of the piece.

Check out the transitions in the 3D motion graphics video we made for BI Worldwide. It’s a dynamic, colorful and engaging spot with a very active camera and lots of moving elements. Also below is a peak at a section of storyboards we did to map out the transitions in this piece. Be sure to check out the case study for this project if you're interesting in learning more about how we handle pre-production at CRASH+SUES.

Getting stuck on a storyboard or concept? Don't hesitate to get in touch! We can help develop the animation style and pacing most appropriate for your video.

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