• Drops of Jupiter

    Feed Them With Music, Uproar Music & Sound, and C+S worked together to create this moving piece about the importance of giving back to the global community through music. FTWM is non-profit organization where 100% of donations go to feeding schoolchildren in developing countries like Haiti, through proceeds generated by videos just like this one. For the majority of these children, their school lunch is the only meal they receive for the entire day. read more »

  • MSPIFF 2014

    This marks the 4th year that C+S has concepted and created the trailer for the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival. With animators Sean Hall, Anna Fleissner, Eric Riggs and Brian Thompson each taking a role in depicting the many genres featured at the festival, we couldn't be prouder! Audio was completed by EchoBoys, with Alex Berglund as composer + Tom Lecher as sound designer. read more »

  • Set Your Sails

    This video with unforgettable scenery was for Luxembourg band, Angel at my table. Directed + produced by Daniel Cummings, edited by Matthew Kroese, + color-corrected by Sue Lakso. read more »

  • Clark

    "Elements of Music" is a segment of Classical MPR's 12-part "Class Notes" series, meant to teach kids in elementary school about musical elements + connections to culture and history. This video starring Clark the caterpillar was shot + edited by Todd Isaacs, with intern Micah Sanchez assisting on the shoot. 2D animation + graphics were done by Anna Fleissner, + MPR took care of the audio mix. read more »

  • BI Worldwide

    C+S' animation team collaborated with BI Worldwide to concept + produce a series of marketing videos highlighting BIW's capabilities, including two of their most innovative, solutions-oriented programs, G5 + GoalQuest.     read more »

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Animation Reel 2014

4 weeks ago by

We’re ready to showcase another year of hard work in the animation department!  From aliens + lumberjacks to skylines + cityscapes, we’ve worked on the full spectrum this year. We hope you enjoy! read more »

Tagged in: 2d, 3D, animation, anna, brian, reel, riggs, sean

When God Left the Building

4 weeks ago by

Didn’t go to church on Sunday? You’re not alone. The size of church congregations have been dwindling since the 1970s. When God Left the Building is a documentary that investigates the changing landscape of religion, church + worship in the USA. Created in conjunction with Group Productions out of Denver, this doc is currently being […] read more »

Tagged in: church, color, concept, Denver, documentary, edit, film, finish, Group Productions, Kroese, lindy, production, Religion, sue, todd, When God Left the Building, Worship

Blue Champions

1 month ago by

Thought you could take on Best Buy? Think again. The associates at Best Buy work hard to bring you the best products + services possible. This spot, done with Yellow Tag Productions, was color-corrected by Sue Lakso + originally shown at an internal employee conference. If this spot doesn’t pump you up to do your […] read more »

Tagged in: best buy, color, color correction, conference, employee, fight to win, gym, internal, local, sue, work out

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