Simple, beautiful visuals matched with fantastic sounds

social media
The Challenge

When the founder of Støberi custom wedding bands and accessories came to C+S to create some social media videos, the concept became apparent quickly. The simplicity of the design style and packaging offered the perfect opportunity to show off the product's beauty and the ability to utilize other senses of exploration.

Artfully Curated

Støberi doesn't strive to have the most products, simply the best. Using the finest materials, from precious metals and aircraft-grade titanium to sustainably-sourced organic materials to artfully create curated collections of rings and accessories as innovative as they are timeless.

Bringing Stoberi To Life

We decided to produce the shoot in an actual sound booth where we could capture the natural sounds of the 'unpackaging.'  

We went with the approach of simple, beautiful visuals matched with fantastic sounds, and it was a blast!

A four-person crew, three cameras, a small lighting kit, a bunch of mics, one snorkel lens, and magic was made!

Social Media Promotion
With the goal of increasing awareness and clicks to the Støberi website, we created a library of video assets for use in a digital and social media campaign developed to meet outlined objectives.

The approach used in creating the videos provided more than enough content to create assets leveraging sight, sound and motion catching the attention of Støberi's audience on a broad range of digital platforms.