There are places you go and then there are experiences that take you away.

The Minnesota Zoo, a natural wonder.

The Challenge

Bring the natural wonders of the Minnesota Zoo to life by promoting the permanent exhibits along with the seasonal exhibits featuring farm babies, a Halloween experience, Holiday Lights and more!


Who doesn't love going to the zoo? The sights, the sounds, the animals... the. Many of us think of the zoo as just a location, but the Minnesota Zoo is much more than just a destination— it's a journey into the natural world.

CRASH+SUES were tasked by our friends over at Adventure Creative with crafting a brand anthem video to bring 'a journey into the natural world' to life. Using stock and existing footage along with immersive sound design the goal is to transport you into the very places these wonderful animals call home. Adventure Creative led the charge and our Creative Director Eric Riggs crafted the edit and sound design. Matthew Kroese was the finishing artist. We created multiple tags so the spot could be used for fundraising, outreach, etc.


Pigs, llamas, cows and chickens are great and all, but baby pigs, llamas, cows and chickens?! C'mon! They're precious! CRASH+SUES teamed up with Adventure Creative to produce a spot promoting the's annual celebration of cuteness, Farm Babies. With adorable creative from the Adventure team, Eric Riggs was able to put together an edit that you just want to snuggle!

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