Animation Brings The Benefits of
the Home Energy Squad Home

Center for Energy and Environment
The Challenge

CEE provides practical energy solutions to help homes, buildings and communities thrive. CEE asked C+S  to help bring that story to life in an easy to understand and engaging video for use on social platforms and the website.


After crafting a script to explain how the Home Energy Squad (HES) solves energy problems by saving energy and ensuring homeowners, renters and businesses are comfortable in their environment, C+S brought their services  to life through a series of animations created specifically for CEE.

Result: The Home Energy Squad Video


During the chilly winter nights and the sweltering summer days, things can get pretty uncomfortable where we want it least: our houses. But thanks to the Home Energy Squad, your home can become a more cozy, and more energy efficient space, all in a couple of hours. Not only does a home energy visit make your house a more enjoyable space, it’s helping the earth become a more sustainable place.

The video will be featured on the website. C+S provided :15 and :30 cuts to use across various digital and social media platforms.

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