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Winter is Here: Go Outside and Play!

Winter is upon us, and if you’re the type who enjoys frolicking in the cold with family and friends, read on. (If not, check out James Roy’s blog from a few months back  SURVIVING MINNESOTA WINTER WITH GREAT INDOOR ACTIVITIES….or consider moving to Florida.) I mean, if you’re gonna live here you may as well revel in it, right? 


Here’s a list of some of my favorite cold weather capers:




No matter where you reside, there’s likely a Minnesota State Park nearbyand they are just as beautiful in the winter as summer. If are looking to stay closer to the Twin Cities​, Three Rivers Parks offers great scenery and trails.​


Cross country skiing 


If you are a runner, cross country skiing could be your go-to sport for the winter. For people with Scandinavian heritage, this activity will let you feel more connected to your ancestry. If you are feeling more daring and own a dog with pent up energy, then you might want to try skijoring. Thank goodness it’s only a dog because out west they use horses.


Downhill Skiing


If you are more into going downhill instead of up, downhill skiing might be the activity for you. For the people who are competitive and want to go fast, you might want to try a race league team. This is a blast to do with a group of friends or ​just ​show up and join a team.




If you have a need for speed but do not want to work for it, tubing might be your activity. Elm Creek Recreation Area and Buck Hill are two places in the Twin Cities to do this activity.


Ice skating


If you are looking to be the next Brian Boitano and looking for a place to practice your triple axel or re-enact scenes from Serendipity you can do so at Loring Park in downtown Minneapolis. 


Staying active during the winter ​makes those cold days go by quick, and, it’s good for you. So get out there and have some fun!


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