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Why Drawing is Good for You

Why draw?  No matter which side of the brain you favor, drawing is an effective way to not only stimulate your creativity but also increase your intelligence and enhance your overall mental health. Did you know drawing, also:


  • relieves stress
  • boosts self-esteem
  • provides a sense of accomplishment
  • increases brain connectivity and plasticity
  • makes kids better students in life
  • eases the burden of chronic health conditions


In the advertising and marketing world, drawing is a fantastic way to work through design and animation ideas, break through a writer’s block or communicate concepts to a coworker or client. Plus, it’s just fun!


So where do you start? How do you know what to draw? There are so many websites and movements online that provide prompts and encouragement to people in need of ideas. Here are a few of our favorites.


  • ArtPrompts
    • ArtPrompts is a website that generates random prompts based on a category. Categories include characters, creatures, environments, objects, or situations.
  • 30 Day Challenges
    • A quick search on Tumblr will reveal a plethora of 30 day drawing challenges. The most well known challenge is Inktober. Started by Jake Parker, he challenges people to make 31 ink drawings in the month of October. Other fun challenges include Huevember, the Monster Girl Challenge, the Expression Challenge and so many more.


  • r/SketchDaily
    • This subreddit is a daily drawing prompt forum. r/SketchDaily provides a chance to interact with other people on the forum, get feedback and learn from the community.


  • PIXELovely
    • If you’re looking to really hone your skills, drawing from life is immensely helpful. PIXELovely offers photos of models set to a timer, allowing for both fast gesture drawing to more extensive studies.


Worried about not having the skill?  Remember what PBS painting instructor Bob Ross said, “Talent is pursued interest. Anything you’re willing to practice, you can do.”  If you’re still worried, just keep your work to yourself!  Don’t let the pressure of being ‘good enough’ hold you back.  Just enjoy the ride!
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