What is color correction and why is it so important?

As a colorist, one of my biggest frustrations when seeing images or video on TV or online is that most of the time, I know they could look better. In this day and age, surrounded by so much digital media, I’m always surprised to find that many people dont know what color correction is, or its value for a project. So, let’s take a look!


A colorist is someone who specializes in color. To ‘color correct’ means to go through the footage used in a commercial, web video, short or feature film and create a look” for the piece, that in turn, emphasizes a particular feeling or mood. Once the look is established, all relevant scenes are then matched to that palette. This makes the piece look polished and pleasing to the eye, allowing it to stand out above the rest.


As a colorist, I have many years of experience in doing just that. From serious to joyful, earthy to sophisticated, spooky to soothing, I know how to create a palette that conveys a desired look then apply it to people, products and everything in between.  You might think this process is pretty straight forward, but there are many factors that can vary the quality and consistency of the color before it gets to me that must be addressed in the correction phase, including the color temperature of the camera (or cameras) as well as the nature of the light. Shooting outdoors often results in inconsistent color due to the constantly shifting position of the sun, clouds, changes in weather, etc…


Determining a project’s look, can be time-consuming. Oftentimes I’ll discuss and evaluate several ideas with the client before committing to a “look.” Once that “look” is created, applied, matched, and finished, it is easy to see how much more striking the images appear. It’s this extra step that can make a project stand out above others. This is especially true for online images or video, where color correction is, unfortunately, not as common.


If you weren’t sure before, now you can tell everyone what color correction is, and why it is so important! If you have any questions about how to make your next project stand out, give me a call anytime! Id be happy to talk with you about how color correction can make your next project attract the attention it deserves.


Want to learn more?  Check out this link about color correction:  What Is A Colorist”  http://vimeo.com/78788547


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