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How Visual Styles Evolved Through Technology [Part 2 of 2]

Last week we took a look at how video styles have visually changed due to advances in technology. Here are some other advances that have made a big impact on style.


NON-LINEAR OFFLINE EDITING – This advance forever changed the pace of TV programs and commercials. With the ability to cut much faster, it was the death of the long dissolve.


ADO  –  The first image manipulating box. One of the first fads I remember was creating starry fields with images floating in space; think Star Wars with images instead of type.  Then, with the advent of non-linear editing in Avid and Final Cut, floating boxes surfacedonce again because they were so easy to do.


PAINTBOX  – Up until the Paintbox, hand drawn stills and animation were done on film.  With Paintbox, a new level in post artistry was born with single images giving way to animated title sequences.


INFERNO, FLAME, FIRE and SMOKE  –  I can’t even remember exactly where one stopped and the next one picked up but this technology enabled creation of 2D and 3D animation, and included excellent compositing tools and editing software. They still are evolving and in use today.


AFTER EFX   –  Ever since offline editors were given the ability to add moving type to their spots, titles and supers have never been the same.  Editing has become so much more dynamic with the ability to do animation, create title sequences, composite and do 3D animation.  Every once in awhile there will be new software that makes something easier to do.  Lately I’ve seen a watercolor filter used in many spots.


With the development of the ALEXA, SONY and RED cameras that can record a very flat signal, flatness started appearing on television and online. I think that today many images are less “contrasty” than they were in the 90’s and 2000’s but there are still many rich spots out there as well.


With continually expanding editing, EFX, camera and color correction software and technology, it’s hard to say what changes we will see next. Let us know if you see any trends on the horizon.


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