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3 Ways to Get More Content From Your Video Shoot

Producing a professional quality video can be a large investment for your marketing department. As with every investment, there are ways to thoughtfully and effectively maximize what you get out of it.  Here are three ways you can multiply the ROI on your video shoots without breaking the bank.


1) Combine similar projects into a single shoot.
Filming in bulk is a great way to maximize your production budget.  There are many costs associated with ramping up for a video project.  Equipment rental, crew, talent, travel, locations, catering.  Filming multiple similar projects at once allows you to spread some of these hard costs across projects, reducing the overall cost per project.  For example – camera rentals often have a discounted weekly rate – by filming three projects in the same week you could get a less expensive price per project than renting a camera for one day three times.


CRASH+SUES recently employed this strategy When we worked with the city of Watford, ND on the ‘Voices Of Watford’ campaign.  One of the significant costs was travel to and from Watford City.  We coordinated with our client to shoot their video series in batches of 8 – allowing for us to reduce travel costs, rental costs, and crew rates, while maximizing the time we got to spend in the beautiful plains and rugged badlands of North Dakota.


2) Mix your Media
So you’ve gathered your talent, hired a production crew, secured locations and everyone is ready to go.  Now that all your assets are together in one place, you have the opportunity to leverage these for additional media platforms.  It is very common to hire a professional photographer to work alongside the video crew, so you can get needed video footage and still images of your talent at the same time.  Are you recording audio with your videos?  There might be the opportunity for a radio commercial.  And don’t forget to grab your cell phone and snap some photos for a great behind-the-scenes social media opportunity.


During a recent project for Buffalo Wild Wings we had a production crew and still photographer working in tandem to capture the video and social media images for multiple distribution channels.


3) Build up a library of ‘B’ roll.
Filming a video is very expensive per hour – often thousands of dollars per hour.  While on set it’s a great idea to try to grab as much ‘b’ roll as possible – – exterior shots, close-ups of products, corporate signage and branding, etc.  Building up a library of this ‘b’ roll footage gives your marketing department the ability to rework or revisit or re-edit a video project, creating separate versions for broadcast, social or internal usage.  It gives you the freedom to re-work the video with new clips at a fraction of the price of a re-shoot.



CRASH+SUES provides strategic storytelling and video services to ad agencies, businesses and film companies seeking to create meaningful connections with their customers and employees. We’re masters of ideation, design, live action video production, animation and color, delivering compelling content that engages, entertains and educates. Call us what you want – a hybrid agency, a creative boutique, a production studio, digital daredevils, or… just call us. We’ll help you cut through the noise. Visit CRASH+SUES

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