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Leaving it to the Video Professionals

Creating killer videos for marketing is the holy grail for most businesses. It stands to reason that since you know business best, why not grab that tech savvy intern, arm him with a go pro and make marketing videos yourself, right? Hold up a minute! Here are a few reasons to rethink that strategy:


  • Experience

Pro’s make it look easy…. knowing what you’re doing gives you a better result, and it saves  production time and money! These pro’s know about brand strategy and what types of video will best serve your brands needs. The bottom line is that experienced professionals know how to achieve the bottom line the results that you want.


  • The Right Tools

Anybody can grab a DSLR these days and point and shoot something, and for many personal project this is good enough. However, when your brand is at stake, its time to think about better production value, which means broadcast quality cameras, lighting, sound, editing, graphics, and color-correction. And lets not forget the professionals run them!


  • Staying on Budget

In the hands of the untrained, I’ve seen many low-budget productions become big budget fixes, and ending up costing more than if they would have hired professionals in the first place. Again it all goes back to video production experience and having the right tools to avoid costly mistakes.


  • Meeting Your Deadline

Any production is a delicate balance of talent, tools, time and knowing how to avoid problems as well as what to do to efficiently solve them when they do arise. Leave it to people who know how to juggle all these aspects and get your job done on time (and on budget). Your stress-free self will thank you!


  • You End up Looking Good

A professional knows how to make you and your brand shine to your customers. And believe it or not, your customers really do care if your video looks low-budget.  Not because their video connoisseurs, although today most of us are fairly visually sophisticated, but because poorly produced video raises doubts and questions in their minds about what else you’re skimping on…


While it does cost you a little more to have your commercial or video marketing professionally produced, the return on marketing budget investment is definitely worth it!



CRASH+SUES provides strategic storytelling and video services to ad agencies, businesses and film companies seeking to create meaningful connections with their customers and employees. We’re masters of ideation, design, live action video production, animation and color, delivering compelling content that engages, entertains and educates. Call us what you want – a hybrid agency, a creative boutique, a production studio, digital daredevils, or… just call us. We’ll help you cut through the noise. Check out our video services!

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