6 of Television’s Best Romances

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I came up with a short list of television couples that are memorable from a 30-something year old male point-of-view.  They aren’t the greatest or the classic TV couple.  Just memorable ones.


Kevin & Winnie (The Wonder Years)
Who does not love The Wonder Years? Growing up was tough, but Kev and Winnie helped us though it, by giving us a peek in to their adolescent lives, which weren’t all that different from ours.


Zack & Kelly (Saved by The Bell)
This is the middle/high school relationship that you think will last forever. In reality they probably would not last into their 40’s.


Ross & Rachel (Friends)
Their “will they or won’t they” break up, or get back together, kept us on the edge of our seat for years.  If you learned anything, “We were on a break!” will not work in real life.


Jim & Pam (The Office)
These two were a match made in heaven (or Scranton, at least.)  They are ridiculously compatible for each other.


Claire & Jamie (Outlander)
It does not matter what century they were born in, they were meant to be together. They would do anything to protect each other, even if they are time-apart.


Jimmy & Gretchen (You’re the Worst)
This couple may not be known to everyone. They are kind of the new kids on the block.  But the show title says it all. These two are the worst kind of people, but they get along because they both enjoy being the worst to others.


So whether you are spending this Valentine’s Day alone or with your significant other, rest assured there’s a (TV) couple out there who has had it a little tougher than you have, but they always seem to make it work. Isn’t that what love is all about?



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