Discover the MSPIFF 2017 Trailer!

For the 7th year running, the artists at C+S teamed up the the Film Society of Minneapolis / St. Paul to bring you the trailer  for the 36th Annual Minneapolis / St. Paul International Film Festival.  CRASH+SUES also created the branding in support of this year’s theme, DISCOVER WHO WE ARE,  represented by the shifting nature of cloth.  Just as fabric is shaped and pushed by outside forces, film shapes and pushes us to discover a broad array of perspectives from around the world.  Eric Riggs led the team with conception, art direction and all things CGI. Liza Goncharova designed the logos, type and additional layouts. Music by Kyle Gudmunson and Audio Ruckus.


You can see the branding + trailer showcased at St. Anthony Main through the duration of the festival which ends on April 29th. See you at the movies!


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