Top 3 Podcasts for Creatives

There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts. I’m not kidding, Apple touts more than 250,000 unique podcasts on their service alone, and that was in 2013. I wanted to give our readers a little help finding quality content; a cheat sheet to the podcasts that have helped a creative like me frame my thinking. Here are my top 3 podcasts for creatives:


Song Exploder



At its heart, Song Exploder is a podcast where artists pick apart a song and tell the story of how it was made. Music plays such a big role in my life and it’s very easy to start to think of big-time musicians as otherworldly super-creatives who are so beyond us lowly serfs. That’s exactly where Song Exploder finds its magic. You hear about writers block, and happy accidents, and slips ups, and moments where the artists thought the song would never work… in other words, you hear about the struggle of being creative. It’s extremely inspiring and with a great selection of artists ranging from Solange, to Gorillaz, to Metallica, there’s something here for everyone


99% Invisible



What do lotteries, police uniforms and SoHo have in common? These topics all become fascinating when you look at how the design of these objects impact the lives of people. As Roman Mars, the host of 99% Invisible, likes to say, “Design is everywhere” and whether or not we choose to acknowledge it, it affects us. This podcast opened my eyes, revealing design is so much bigger than words on a poster or the color of a wall and its affects can be extremely beautiful or extremely terrifying. After listening to a couple of episodes, you’ll never look at the world in the same way again.


Greyscalegorilla Podcast



This final podcast is directly related to the field of motion graphics, but the topics the hosts talk about are not about becoming better at the craft. Instead, they ask questions that you wouldn’t normally think about; Are social skills important when freelancing? How do you deal with gut-wrenching client feedback? How does your morning routine affect your work? The topics are universal and compelling for any creative and the way the guys approach them, with some serious internal reflection, offer a real and refreshing take on hard topics where cynicism can often take root.


What are your go-to podcasts that offer something to creatives? I love finding new places to become inspired. Leave them in the comments below!



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