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Your project is complete! Scripts, storyboards, edits, audio mix, color, and finish – it’s all done. The very last step in the project is one of the most crucial – – ensuring that it will survive through the ages. And that single external hard drive sitting on the top shelf of your closet probably isn’t going to cut it.


Hard drive reliability data is hard to come by. Reports across the internet suggest failure rates as high as 20% over 5 years.  Anecdotally, I have heard from [redacted industry insiders] about storing client work on external drives only to have those drives fail when the client comes knocking!  So what should we do?


3-2-1 BACKUP!


The best defense against accidental loss or destruction of data is REDUNDANCY. 3-2-1 is a popular phrase in the IT world when it comes to preventing data loss: You should have 3 backups of your media, on 2 different formats, with 1 copy at a different physical location.


Which Format?


The best format is the one that you’ll actually use! Dealing with a cumbersome archival process is the last thing you want to do when it’s crunch-time and you’re balancing 10 projects. My first recommendation is to choose a format that you’re likely to use. Whether that is external drives, tapes, or uploading to the cloud. Having multiple copies of your data is the important part.


My personal recommendation is to take a look at LTO tapes. LTO has a shelf life of 30+ years and the tapes themselves are backwards-compatible for 2 generations. Right now an LTO 7 tape holds 6 TB for $90 (that’s about the price you’d pay for 2 months of Amazon Glacier storage). You might be able to get a HDD on sale for that, but I’d wager that mechanical hard drive isn’t going to last for 30 years sitting on a shelf.


One headache too many?


If all this talk of backup sounds like too much work – – well, sometimes it is! Just give us a call and we can securely archive your footage for you! Whether it’s dailies from your shoot, masters from a finished project or anything in between. We can provide the peace of mind that your project will be preserved for future generations (or future client revisions).


AND if you want online access to your assets, check out our new online digital asset management system


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