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Storytelling: Choosing the Perfect Medium

So you want to tell stories? That’s great, pick your platform. Animation, film, illustration, perhaps novel-writing, heck, even game design; there are so many to choose from. I run into this problem quite a bit as an artist. I love hearing, telling, and seeing stories unfold and making them happen visually. I am also a self-described aficionado of many different kinds of art (see above) and often have difficulty pin-pointing what type of medium to showcase my story.


There is something to be said for choosing an appropriate medium to tell your story. For example, a 2D side-scroller may not be the best route to showcase a tragic love story (or it could be super awesome, all depends on how you do it, right?) Most of my stories begin in writing and then transform into whatever medium I feels works best. Personally, this is often where I run into problems.


I pose the giant question, “Do you limit your style of storytelling down to one medium so that you can get better at it, or do you skip around and explore different mediums each time?” I feel there is no right answer to this, and maybe the honest answer is just, “A little of both,” but it has kept me up some nights. On the one hand, I want to unlock all of the secrets of animation, and the only way to do that is to continuously improve my skills by making more animations. On the other hand, I have always loved film, video games, and novels, and feel an insatiable need to explore these realms, as well. As an added bonus, I’ve also discovered my animations have become that much more interesting by experimenting with different mediums. So, the dilemma continues.


I’m curious, as an artist, how do you choose your artistic approach? I’d love to hear your stories.



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  • Myat Thurein Oo

    same here. i started out to be a musician and try to tell my stories through sound. but i found it too limiting. then i studied about films and wanted to be a filmmaker. and again i also developed interest in another medium, video games because interactive storytelling is so hard to resist. A lot of writers’ advice is to follow ur gut instinct and choose a medium that u feel most comfortable with. but i found out that i’m comfortable in many things like playing an instrument, using photography as my storytelling tool or making short films. This is so confusing and i hope this phase ends soon.

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