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Staff Picks – Our Favorite Sports

Though our politicians divide us, for the next couple of weeks in August, we set aside those differences and come together as one country, to cheer on the United States as it competes the world’s oldest sporting competition.


Our office cheers for the USA in any and all sports, but each of us has our favorites… that event that we drop everything to watch. Here’s are some of our staff’s top picks:


Eric: Beach Vollyball
The pace is fast, the hits are hard and the competition is stiff for both the U.S. men’s and women’s teams (Both favored to win silver).


Allison: Equestrian
A horse rider herself, Allison will be tuning in to watch all things horse-related, her favorite being dressage. (wikipedia article for those of us non-horse riders)


Kara: Womens Gymnastics
USA is the heavy favorite to clinch gold for the second time in a row. After Sundays dominating qualifying round, it’s easy to see why.


Anna: Fencing
Just like a sword, the pencil is a natural extension of Anna’s hand, which I think explains her fascination with this often-overlooked sport.


Katelyn : Taekwondo
Brand new intern Katelyn Michaels, kicks off her time with us during the games, and as a fellow Taekwondo-er herself, she’ll be watching this even more closely.


Brian: Diving
Brian dove in high school, which explains his interest in this high-flying and gravity-yeilding sport. The excitement will be thick as a U.S. diver sets his sights on defending his gold in the individual 10 meter platform competition.


Matthew: Cross-Country Biking
One of the last events to take place, Cross-Country biking is an endurance race of the most extreme kind, sure to keep Matthew and anyone else watching on the edge of their seats.


James: Men’s Rugby Sevens
Though James seems mild mannered around the office, he can’t keep from watching the most aggressive sport of these games, which is making it’s debut this year. “It’s short and intense, like me.”


Got information on an event that is going to extremely exciting to watch that wasn’t posted here? Post it below!

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