we develop a communication plan and placement strategy to put your content where the right eyes will see it ALONG WITH traditional asset management.

Asset management

Online access
Online access to view all of your assets (master files, raw footage, and file type.
assets on-demand
Search, view, scrub through, pick selects, transcode, download and share all from the comfort of your office chair.
Long-term storage and LTO backup.

digital encoding

Online access
We offer file-based encoding and transcoding, converting digital media to any broadcast, web or mobile formats. Vimeo, YouTube or broadcast television…we’ve got you covered.
encoding services
  • Codec and container conversions
  • Frame-rate conversions including pulldown additions and removal
  • HD to SD or any other size
  • Audio extraction
Here are some of the formats we can handle:

Containers: mov, wmv, mp4, flv, DPX and TIFF Sequences, mpeg and more

Codecs: H.264, wmv, Apple Pro Res, Avid DNxHD, RED RAW, GoPro Cineform, MPEG-2 and more

Closed captioning

CRASH+SUES has been captioning media for 20+ years. We’re fast and accurate, able to turn around jobs quickly, some as fast as same-day. We caption media with precise timecodes, ready to be exported as DVD or Blu-ray subtitles, TV closed captions, Youtube captions or any other caption format out there.
Capabilities: Television closed captions, DVD and Blu-ray subtitles, Open captioned video files, Closed caption Quicktime and WMV’s, Youtube and Vimeo captions. (Youtube), .txt, .asc, .ult, .stl (DVD Studio Pro), .mcc (MacCaption), Quicktime Captions, Windows Media Captions and more.

Broadcast trafficking

broadcast trafficking
CRASH+SUES takes its extensive video knowledge and applies it to our DVD and Blu-ray Authoring process. Give us any of the above formats and we’ll take care of the rest.
trafficking services
  • TV and radio electronic distribution
  • Captioning
  • VEIL encoding
  • Traffic letter creation and delivery

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