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3 Ways To Save Money On Your Motion Graphics Project

Unless you're buying a templated, cookie-cutter whiteboard animation, the cost of animation and motion graphics can vary pretty dramatically from project to project. Bids are drafted based on specific situations and project details, which unfortunately make it a little difficult to pin down an exact pricing structure. We want to help take some of the uncertainty away by offering a few pointers on how to lower the cost of your project or help keep you inside your smaller budget. Here are a few things we recommend:


  • Choose A Simple Visual Style
    • When it comes to picking a look for your animated video, the choice can be a bit overwhelming. First, consider your brand's own visual identity. Second, take into account your audience demographics – what style will appeal to them? Third, evaluate the size of your budget. Let's be honest, in the real world, it's the budget that often wields the greatest influence.  Here's a quick run through of a few techniques and styles that we'd consider to be high-end vs simple.


    • High-End
      • Photorealistic 3D animation
      • Character animation
      • Complex illustrations


    • Simple
      • Kinetic type
      • Flat, friendly design
      • Interface and web page walk-throughs


  • Maximize Your Visual Assets
    • Visual assets, in the motion graphics sense, refers to the fonts, web pages, photography, icons, illustrations, characters and anything else that will be animated in your video. Before storyboarding, make a list of all available graphics and what (if anything) still needs to be made. Begin to think creatively about how elements you've already created can be maximized. A pattern on the brand poster may work well as a subtle background texture, icons could be used multiple times, and pieces of a web interface might be separated out and used. Some of the most effective motion graphics videos are made using only the graphics on hand.


  • Invest in Experienced Motion Designers
    • This might feel like you're making a bigger spend initially, but we guarantee it's worth the peace of mind and flexibility when deadlines get close. Experienced motion graphics artists will make your money work smarter, not harder. Their jobs revolve around rising to the creative challenges for you and in the end bringing your vision to life. Hiring a team of motion designers can be incredibly beneficial, as they can offer a variety of approaches and creative solutions, in the end, allowing for the best possible product and if needed, the flexibility to pivot along the way.


Of course there are even more things that factor into the overall price of a project (length, audio costs, licenses, VO talent, etc…)  But, we hope that with these tips and a little bit of creative brainstorming you can stay within your budget and end up with a fantastic motion graphics video.


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