Insight Brewing Social Media

Grain, hops, yeast and water. Those 4 ingredients are the base of all beer. But, not all beer is created equal and no one is doing more to prove that then the folks behind Insight Brewing. From hiring some of the best brewers and staff to a complete rebrand, things are changing and changing fast over off East Hennepin Ave.

CRASH+SUES was asked to take over Insight’s social media marketing in order to help to tell their unique story and the stories of their craft partners as well. From copywriting to design to scheduling and managing the posts, we are creating content that leverages social channels to elevate Insight to the top of Minneapolis’ craft beer scene. The taste tests are a nice part of our “research” too!



CRASH+SUES Welcomes CD Jon Stone!

We're excited to share that Jon Stone has joined our ranks to help lead our creative team. As our new Creative Director, he brings years of experience and idea-making across industries to the table. He loves to dig into brands, collaborate, and make great ideas better.
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Urban Ventures | 30th Anniversary

CRASH+SUES was challenged to bring the compelling story of Urban Ventures to life in a way that is relevant to a wide range of audiences.
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Children's Minnesota Helps Prevent Injuries

Children's MN reached out to CRASH+SUES to develop and produce a car seat safety video that relied entirely on visual storytelling.
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