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“Who is CRASH+SUES?”

This is a question I asked and reflected on over the last 30 years. Boiled down, CRASH+SUES has always been a feeling. And now that feeling is bigger, bolder and still beautiful. Our team has always been passionate about making the world a little bit better by placing love and empathy into the stories we tell. That promise never changed.

As the years went on, we learned that every project is new and different. There never is one right answer—never one perfect tool. As the asks evolved, so have we. We’re no longer just a post-house. We’ve had the time and experience to work across a wide array of mediums and industries. Video production, animation, web design and branding are just some of the many tools in our belt. It really comes down to what the solution calls for. We jump in at any point of a project to suit your need.

Our roots trace back to 1989 when two creatives, an editor nicknamed “Crash,” and a colorist known as “Sue,” decided that “good” wasn’t good enough. While both are off enjoying more relaxing endeavors, they set the stage for what CRASH+SUES is today.

Introducing, “Crash” and “Sue.”

Combining Crash’s style and flexibility with Sue’s fearless problem solving, we nimbly navigate through any project that comes our way. We value clients who respect true partnerships, appreciate creativity and quality, and are open to new solutions.

Like this dynamic duo complete each other, so do our team’s capabilities. We’ve always maintained an amazing team culture here. Of all the places I’ve seen, working as a team here has always felt natural. It’s always been about the client and getting behind the best creative idea, without jealousy or ego. We always have each others’ backs. We pull lessons from our past and apply them to the present—always making something new in the process.

So here’s a new promise for you: CRASH+SUES will always remain nimble and evolve to help solve whatever needs come your way. Let’s work together to help make the world a little better, one story at a time.

With love,
Heidi Mae Habben and the CRASH+SUES team

Animation, Brand Video, Broadcast Video, Corporate Video, Creative Collaborators, Creative Strategy, Live-Action Video Production, Storyboarding, Video Editing, Video Marketing, Video Production


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