Arctic Wolf Gets Nostalgic

Aaah nostalgia. The thing I find myself most nostalgic for are the video games from my childhood. The graphics were terrible, the stories lackluster and the difficulty level next-to-impossible….but I still find myself nostalgic for the 8-bit time-wasters that would frustrate me to no end. Turns out I’m not alone. Arctic Wolf wanted to tap into that digital nostalgia for a tradeshow and asked CRASH+SUES to help. The booth they operated had a giant display and they wanted some attention grabbing visuals to get people to stop. Chris Levin and Eric Riggs created a 20 minute loop to do just that. Here’s some snippets from that program.



DC Group | Sales Video Campaign

‍DC Group asked CRASH+SUES to develop a series of videos for the sales team for use in an email campaign targeted to prospects.
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Five Stone Media | Campaign for Hope

C+S has worked with Five Stone Media for many years and recently helped them with a print campaign for their current fundraiser called the Campaign for Hope.
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CRASH+SUES Welcomes CD Jon Stone!

We're excited to share that Jon Stone has joined our ranks to help lead our creative team. As our new Creative Director, he brings years of experience and idea-making across industries to the table. He loves to dig into brands, collaborate, and make great ideas better.
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