Arctic Wolf Gets Nostalgic

Aaah nostalgia. The thing I find myself most nostalgic for are the video games from my childhood. The graphics were terrible, the stories lackluster and the difficulty level next-to-impossible….but I still find myself nostalgic for the 8-bit time-wasters that would frustrate me to no end. Turns out I’m not alone. Arctic Wolf wanted to tap into that digital nostalgia for a tradeshow and asked CRASH+SUES to help. The booth they operated had a giant display and they wanted some attention grabbing visuals to get people to stop. Chris Levin and Eric Riggs created a 20 minute loop to do just that. Here’s some snippets from that program.



Return to Watford City

CRASH+SUES was delighted to go back this fall and record more stories of the people of Watford City, North Dakota.
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Stock Footage | Tips and Tricks

Recently we were asked to create a regional, :30 TV spot for The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (see the finished spot above) that aired during Sunday's Super Bowl!
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BI Worldwide | Revival

CRASH+SUES developed a compelling narrative based on interviews captured with the real people participating in BI Worldwide's (BIW) inspiration-based rewards program.
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