Cloud Cult – The Seeker

C+S Contributed:



CRASH+SUES recently collaborated with Motion 117  Productions to provide color on the impressionistic art drama “The Seeker,” a dialogue-free feature-length narrative film featuring Alex McKenna and Josh Radnor [“How I Met Your Mother“] and the music of Cloud Cult. The experimental art-drama follows a girl named Grace, whose idyllic life takes a sharp turn when immense tragedy prompts her to embark on a life-defining journey. According to Cloud Cult, the film is representative of humanity’s search for the meaning of life and the divine.  The band have a North American tour in store, in which they will be playing The Seeker from beginning to end while the film screens behind them.  The film was directed by Jeff Johnson, who also served as co-DP along with DP Chad Armour. Color grading by Todd Isaacs, CRASH+SUES.

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