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One Piece at a Time!

Editing videos is like putting a puzzle together. You dump out all the pieces and take a look at what you’ve got. The picture on the box is what you’re going for, and now all you’ve got to do is put the pieces together. Like any puzzle, there’s a lot of trial and error as you try one piece with another to see if they fit; sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. Yet, you keep plugging away until eventually you step back and see that the puzzle is done. Were there a lot of pieces? Yes. Did it seem overwhelming at first? Yep. But instead of letting it cloud your thinking, you took it one piece at a time until you sat back and breathed in a sigh of satisfaction, knowing that the puzzle was finished.


When it comes to video editing, as you take a look at all that’s on your plate (everything from sorting footage, constructing a story, selecting sound effects, graphics, titles, music, so on and so forth) it’s easy to over-complicate things. Now, I’m not saying that your project isn’t complicated because it may very well be intricate and complex with lots of moving parts (that’s just the way it is sometimes.) But don’t let that taint your perspective. What I mean is, just keep things simple. Relax. Don’t get overwhelmed with all you have to do, but rather take it one step at a time, or one scene at a time, or one interview at a time. Yes, I’m fully aware this sounds cliché and painfully fundamental, but the truth is, we all need these little reminders from time to time, even the ones that may make it onto a motivational poster featuring cats.


Visualizing a puzzle helps me from time to time when editing, as a reminder to keep things simple.


Don’t like the idea of a puzzle?  Tell us what works for you.


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