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MSPIFF 2016 ~ Experience More

Spring time in Minneapolis is a beautiful thing. Do you hate snow? GUESS WHAT?!… it’s melting! Do you like to go outside? Yes! It’s finally warm! Do you enjoy watching 250+ films spanning the range from American indies to international blockbusters? Hooray! There’s the Minneapolis /St. Paul International Film Festival.


Each spring, MSPIFF cultures the city with its vast array of movies and if you’ve seen any films there over the last 5 years, you’ve seen the festival trailers C+S has put together. This year, we are honored  to produce all of the branding for the 2016 festival. Concepts, tag lines and designs, as well as the trailer.  We do it all over here at CRASH+SUES.


MSPIFF 2016 design    MSPIFF 2016 design     MSPIFF 2016 design



Passes are on sale right now on the MSPIFF website  (tickets for individual movies go on sale March 24th) so purchase a ticket and check out CRASH+SUES’ work in action. See you there!


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