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5 Ways to Get the Most Out of the Minneapolis / St Paul International Film Festival

The Minneapolis / St. Paul International Film Festival (MSPIFF) is right around the corner. The festivities begin on April 7th with the opening night film/party and run through April 23rd. Analyzing the ins and outs of this three week film behemoth is no easy task, but I have five tips to help you Experience More at MSPIFF.


  1. Take advantage of festival passes


The festival offers three levels of passes: Platinum, Gold and Silver. The reason I advocate for these passes is that they give you free reign at MSPIFF. Want to go to every party with access to free food and booze? There are passes for that. Want the ability to see every film? There are passes for that. Want priority seating? Guess what, there are passes for that too. These passes seem like they cost a lot at first but I would argue that the return from this investment is well worth it (you even get a tax deduction!). Head here to see all the of the pass offerings and prices.


  1. Utilize your ticket for discounts at local businesses


Every ticket you buy at MSPIFF gives you deals at local establishments. I’m not talking about .50 off your order…I’m talking about 2 for 1’s, happy hour discounts any time and my personal favorite, $3 off a pizza at Punch. So go see a movie, then enjoy the rest of the night sipping on cocktails and chatting about what you just saw.


  1. Get a program


The program has all the details. Every party, every panel and every film (with synopsis!). Before the festival starts, my wife and I devote a night to the program. We look through all of the pages and circle everything we want to do. It’s the unofficial start the festival in our household and let me tell you, planning has never been so fun.


  1. Attend screenings with special guests


Have you ever watched a film, got to the end of it and thought to yourself, “I would really like to know what the director was thinking!” Well, at a screening with a ‘special guest’, all you have to do is ask. The special guest may not always be the director;  it could be an actor or producer. But the point is, when you attend one of these screenings, you will get insider information about the film. Beware though, these films tend to sell out so buy your tickets early.


  1. Make a day out of it


MSPIFF is the only chance you have to see four movies in a row, go to a party, hit up a bar for drinks, wake up the next morning and not feel bad about yourself. Don’t squander the opportunity.


With these tips in hand, you can film festival with confidence. Be careful though, MSPIFF becomes an addiction that’s hard to let go of! If you have any tips you’d like to share about MSPIFF, leave a comment!



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