MSPIFF 2015 Trailer

CRASH+SUES is at it again!  For the 5th year running, we have teamed up the the Film Society of Minneapolis / St. Paul to bring you the trailer for the

34th Annual Minneapolis / St. Paul International Film Festival.  The live-action trailer is a stylized look at the multitude of emotions films evoke within an

audience as they DISCOVER TOGETHER. Eric Riggs led the team with the conception, art direction and VFX while Todd Isaacs served as the DP / Director.

Music by Uproar. Matthew Kroese crafted the edit and Sue added to the style with color correction.


You can see the trailer before all of the 250+ films the festival has to offer. Let the movies begin!




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  • Benjamin

    That turned out great! Nice work CRASH+SUES.

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