MSPIFF 2014 Festival Trailer

The Minneapolis / St. Paul International Film Festival is a highlight in many ways. It’s a cultural highlight for the city, a professional highlight for many film-makers, and a creative highlight for CRASH+SUES. This is the 4th year we’ve had the privilege of creating  the trailer for the festival and we called on all of our creative prowess to capture the eclecticism of the event in visual form. The Film Society of Minneapolis / St. Paul turned us loose and here’s what we concepted: 12 genres of film in 12 different styles of animation wrapped up with the tagline, ‘What speaks to you’? 12 separate animations may seem like a tall order to some, but CRASH+SUES saw it as an opportunity to show off a core strength of the company: teamwork.


We pride ourselves on having a team that works extremely well together. We’re ambitious but not cut-throat, confident, not egotistical. We make better work when we’re all involved and that really came through on this project. We split up the duties among the 4 animators on staff and gave complete control to each creator. We let that simmer at 200 degrees for 3 weeks.


The finished pieces were great on their own but when edited together, they became something else. With anticipation, we sequenced the 12 individual videos, plugged in the amazing composition provided by echoboys, and pressed play. What we saw was a piece of art as unique as each artist, yet cohesive thanks to the solid concepting done by the team months prior. The Film Society loved it and screened it in front of all 250 films at the festival. It also solidified a couple of ideals important to the identity of CRASH+SUES. We’re a diverse bunch with different tastes. We all have different styles and different tools but strangely, that’s not what makes us unique. Instead, it’s our ability to work as one creative team and produce work that is bigger than the individual that sets us apart. This trailer is a literal example of that, and though 12 different styles of animation isn’t right for every video, we bring that philosophy to every project.

Here are a handful of before-and-after images that show each artist’s unique approach:





“Crash+Sues creates the trailer for our annual centerpiece, the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival. The trailer is one of the event’s most valuable marketing tools and its design is consistently exceptional, delivered by a top-notch creative team and talent pool who listen and advise, and who continue to raise the bar year after year with truly original, smart, thoughtful and relevant results. It is a privilege to collaborate with Crash+Sues – we cannot wait to see what they come up with next.”


Susan Smoluchowski
Executive Director
The Film Society of Minneapolis St. Paul
The Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival