Jack of all trades

Be A Proud “Jack Of All Trades”

“Jack of all trades, master of none” is a dumb phrase. Hear me out.


In the world of advertising, I am a “Jack of all trades” (JOAT). I edit, I write, do color-grading and motion graphics (2D and 3D). I show up on set and run cameras or audio equipment and mix audio from time-to-time. I concept and write, produce storyboards and styleframes and know more software programs than I can afford. I am a proud JOAT.


And that part of the phrase doesn’t bother me. “The master of none” part? That bothers me. It’s so…pessimistic. Can’t “Jack of all trades” be a good thing?


Our flagship project for the last couple years has been the work we do for the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival. Every year, it seems to get bigger and bigger. It’s our chance to flex our creative muscles and leave no idea behind. I got the chance to creative direct the project this year and boy is it stretching me!  We’ve done original photography, 3d physics simulations, lighting and rendering, typography / visual identity design and we’ve just started work on the video piece that will be shown before every film. Can you see where being a JOAT might come in handy?


Being a JOAT is a strength. I make better decisions about how to execute our creative ideas across all channels with the least amount of work. I can speak intelligently about niche things like lighting and rendering, generate concepts that work across video and print and provide a cohesive voice to bring my big picture to life. All that JOAT knowledge creates a creative cross-pollinization that lets the idea flourish.


I want to encourage everyone to allow your creative ideas to tap into all you’re skills. You may not be a so called “expert” at a certain skill, but you never know when an element of that skill will serve a creative need in a project you’re working on. Let’s reclaim “Jack of all trades” as a strength, not a weakness. “Master of none” be damned.



CRASH+SUES provides strategic storytelling and video services to ad agencies, businesses and film companies seeking to create meaningful connections with their customers and employees. We’re masters of ideation, design, live action video production, animation and color, delivering compelling content that engages, entertains and educates. Call us what you want – a hybrid agency, a creative boutique, a production studio, digital daredevils, or… just call us. We’ll help you cut through the noise. Check out some of our work!


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  • Matthew Volenec

    It’s a pleasure working with you Eric! I’m inspired by your diverse skill set and appreciate your genuine interest in all the details of a project.

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