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Meet Kaj Kjellesvig!

Hi everyone! I’m Kaj Kjellesvig [KY CHEL-svig] and I’m thrilled to be joining the ranks with the talented folks at CRASH+SUES.


I’m a multi-disciplinary creative with a specialty in motion graphics. I got my start as a screenwriter, transitioned to editing and finally made the plunge as a live-action director. Along every step of the way I’ve always had my hand in motion graphics. I love working on visual treats that surprise and delight audiences.


As an artist I’m really drawn to the fusion of live-action with motion graphics. I like compositions that are bold and stylistic but also respect pieces that are subtle and nuanced.


In my spare time I love spending time with my lovely wife and brewing beer with my dad.


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  • Chris Joye

    Kaj is an amazing worker and human. You will be thrilled with your decision to bring him on board!
    I’ve worked with him a number of times and he strives for perfection in his work and definitely delights the audience!

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