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Making Your Project Memorable, With Humor

I think it’s safe to say that with any given project, whether personal or for a client, there’s a desire involved to have it be memorable. (I mean, why would you enter into a project with the intent to make it forgettable.) So the question is, how does one make something memorable? Well, that’s an extremely broad question and the answer to that is equally as broad. There’s a novels-length laundry list of tips, tricks, and suggestions to make something stick in someone’s mind, but I’ll spare you the litany and focus on just one – humor.


Humor, and the (hopefully) resulting laughter, seems such a simple tactic, but its effects run deeper than face value. Did you know that laughter improves the immune system, aids in maintaining a steady blood flow, and that it releases those natural feel-good chemicals called endorphins? Also, it boosts information retention, or in other words, it helps make things memorable. That’s not subjective, rather it’s a biological fact (I was curious and looked it up). So when you watch a commercial, for example, and there is humor involved, you are naturally more likely to remember it than if there was nothing in it to cause you to laugh. That’s why most of the Superbowl ads are comedic. The agencies behind each one of those ads know exactly what they are doing when they made the creative decision to make their commercial humorous.


Here’s some examples of commercials that I personally enjoy (and remember):




I know the notion of adding humor to something to make it memorable isn’t groundbreaking or original by any means, but it is worth being reminded of. This world is saturated with angst, worry, fear, and general over-seriousness. Sometimes we get lost in all the drama and find ourselves unintentionally creating something that reflects that negative saturation. Now, I’m not saying that being serious is bad by any means, but what I am saying is that sometimes we need to break away from the drama that life throws at us and have a good chuckle. I recognize that humor is enormously beneficial and profound, which is why I prefer implementing it into projects I work on in as much as relevantly possible. Not only does it make the project more memorable in and of itself, but also improves the general well-being of the audience. Of course there are times, when levity isn’t appropriate or necessary, but overall if I can make someone laugh, or even just smile, then I feel it’s a job well done.


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