Video Production intern

Meet the Intern: Aaron Kotlan

Hello! I’m Aaron Kotlan, the newest intern at CRASH+SUES. I’m currently a sophomore graphic design student studying at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. Although I am a graphic design student, I’m open to all fields of design. If I’m not creating on my laptop, you can almost always find me in my workshop building all sorts of gadgets and gizmos. Before I joined the CRASH+SUES team, I worked at DRK Creative as a videographer. Here’s a quick demo reel showcasing some of the live-action work I’ve done in the past years.


Aaron Kotlan Demo Reel 2016 from Aaron Kotlan on Vimeo.


Outside of the design world, my hobbies include frisbee golf, ping pong, skiing, longboarding, and pretty much anything that involves a bit of risk. I’m also guilty of being a Marvel fanatic. when there’s a new superhero movie coming out, you can be sure I’ll be the first person in the theater.



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