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Logical vs. Creative: What’s a Right-Brained Thinker to Do?

I’ve had some awful jobs over the years. As a right-brain (creative) thinker, it doesn’t get much worse than having to do a monotonous, menial left-brain task for 8 hours a day. One year I worked at a temp agency and enjoyed numerous prestigious positions including, “door knob sorter dude at big chain tool store”, “car wash guy who cleans your interior mats”, and “man who dresses up as Statue of Liberty for local business, stands outside in January next to a major road and lets you know IT’S TAX SEASON!” Good times. After those experiences, I swore off the left side of my brain forever! I only wanted to be creative. No more sorting and no more monotony. I had only contempt for that side of my brain.


Fast forward a couple of years and here I am, a motion graphics artist at CRASH+SUES! I work in a creative industry with creative people, where my left brain has no place.  I get to use math to position visuals in cool patterns, write computer code to help me work faster and relentlessly move keyframes around until achieving digital nirvana.  Wait what?!?%^$#?


That last paragraph is a little facetious. What came as a shock to me was the realization that a good motion graphics artist (especially in the Midwest market) sees the value of both the right and left sides of the brain. I’m called on to be conceptually creative and a fast problem-solver. It’s this reason that although I consider myself a right brain thinker, I’ll let my left side tag along and give it the respect it deserves. Oh, and it’s reminding me to tell you THAT IT REALLY IS TAX SEASON, so make sure you get those done.



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  • Benjamin

    This was a great article that reminded of the work DR. Caroline Leaf talks about in how the right and left brain work together. How the right side looks at a problem from the big picture to the details and the left from the details to the big picture. For example, the right side would see 4=2+2 while the left would see 2+2=4.

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