A Little Initiative Goes a Long Way

If you haven’t noticed, CRASH+SUES has really started hitting the blogosphere with loads of interesting content from the folks who work here. It’s been great so far, but I’m sure there are a few readers who have no idea who some of us are. So for the next 300 words or so, I wanted to tell you a little bit of my story. Specifically, I wanted to touch on how I ended up doing what I’m doing and a certain character trait that has served me along the way (spoiler alert: it’s in the title.)


The Beginning
High school was where my love for video was born but I don’t want to dwell too much on my adolescence other than to humanize myself and let you know that that period of my life was just as embarrassing as it was for everyone else. Here are my high school ID photos to prove it.


Lets move on.


I went to college in Indiana and studied Media Production, graduated (cum laude if you must know) and moved up to Minnesota with nigh a job prospect in sight. I don’t often dole out advice but I don’t hear this said enough: never underestimate the cold call. It shows initiative and drive and these 2 qualities have taken me further than any software knowledge ever has. I must’ve called 40 places before finally dialing up CRASH+SUES. The person that answered the phone was a fellow graduate from my University (I had no idea he was working here) and because of him, I was able to get a job in the duplication department.


Duplication was a wonderful start, but my brain  craved something a bit more creative than making tapes and compressing files. Who did I turn to? My good pal ‘initiative’. In my free time, I started tinkering around with the editing and motion GFX software that was loaded onto my computer. When a job would come in that, how do I put this nicely, had no money, I would volunteer and spend time after hours working on it. I eventually did enough of those to put a reel together and got moved from the windowless cave that was dupe out to the wonderful, creative land that is our animation department. I’ve been doing this for 3 years now and love every minute of it. Thanks ‘initiative’.

There’s a little more to that story but out of respect for your attention span, I’ll stop there. Initiative has played a huge roll in my career. It’s one of the top character traits that I look for in prospective interns and new hires. I don’t think it comes naturally to most people, but you’ll never regret putting forth the effort. I sure haven’t!


CRASH+SUES provides strategic storytelling and video services to ad agencies, businesses and film companies seeking to create meaningful connections with their customers and employees.  We’re masters of ideation, design, live action video production, animation and color, delivering compelling content that engages, entertains and educates. Call us what you want – a hybrid agency, a creative boutique, a production studio, digital daredevils, or… just call us. We’ll help you cut through the noise. visit CRASH+SUES

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