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Want to Increase Your Video Play Rates?

We all know why we shouldn’t have an autoplaying homepage video…right? (It negatively impacts the site’s load time, it’s annoying to viewers, it makes watching the video the main call-to-action, etc…. ) And by the way, I’m not talking about moving imagery as a background, which IS acceptable provided it doesn’t take away from the page’s CTA. So what CAN you do to increase your video playrates? Read on.


Location, Location, Location!

If your video appears below the fold line, you’re likely missing out on viewers. The digital world is cluttered. Make it easy on your audience to find and hit the “play” button by locating it above the fold.


Size Matters

Last year, Wistia did a study that measured the effect of video size on play rate. The sweet spot, it turns out, is a video with a width between 401 pixels and 600 pixels; large enough to entice viewers to engage, but not so large that it dominates the page.


Upgrade Your Thumbnails

An interesting image trumps a dull screen with bulleted text every time. Want to go one better? When relevant, choose an image that features a human face – preferably smiling. Why? It reinforces the viewers’ feelings of joy and bliss.


Customize your Colors

Default is not your friend! If your site allows it, customize the color of your player and play button to match your branding colors.


Design with Video in Mind

Don’t attempt to add a video to your homepage after the fact. Integrating your video into the design of your homepage will not only make your site appear more polished, it will also encourage viewers to engage to linger longer, thus engaging with your content on a deeper level.



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