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I’m currently a Junior at the University of Minnesota, and CRASH+SUES is the third internship I’ve had in my 2 ½ years in college. Although each internship opportunity has been unique, being “the intern” is a familiar concept to me.  With summer quickly approaching, many companies are preparing to bring in a set of new students for their summer internship programs. And while there are lots of articles offering advice to these interns, I wanted to give employers some tips on how you can help your intern help you!


  • Give them a tour at the start of their internship! It may seem silly to point out where the cleaning supplies are in the kitchen, or where the extra paper for the copying machine is hiding, but a five minute walk through of the building will help your new intern start out with confidence. Plus, it means that they won’t have to bother anyone with silly questions down the road, which will make both of you happier!


  • Let them be involved. One of my favorite parts of my internship at CRASH+SUES is that I get to sit in on meetings with clients and the rest of the team. In addition to being an amazing learning experience, this helps your intern feel like a valued member of the team and keeps their enthusiasm high!


  • Don’t be afraid to give them work. When talking with my peers, the most common complaint I hear is that they aren’t given enough to do. Although there are many factors that could cause a shortage of work for your intern, don’t be afraid to entrust them with some responsibility whenever possible.


  • Give regular feedback. If an intern isn’t meeting your expectations, tell them! For many, this is their first real experience in the workplace, and they genuinely want to succeed. If that means making corrections or suggestions, most will be happy to hear it.


Hopefully these tips can help you understand things from your intern’s perspective. Got any additional advice? Let us know in the comments!


Illustration by Allison Howle
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