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Advertising v. Farming

Many of you already know our own Heidi Habben, owner and president of CRASH+SUES, is one hard-workin’ woman. In addition to running C+S, she raises pigs. No, not the cute, micro pigs that are the latest rage in itty-bitty pets (although Heidi’s pigs are cute.) We’re talking the kind that produces the melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness that pairs so scrumptiously with eggs, burgers and maple-glazed donuts. Hampshire pigs, to be precise. Raising award-winning swine has been in her farming family for years. And while there’s obvious value in protecting oneself against famine, the true benefits of raising pigs comes from the life lessons learned that can be applied elsewhere . Hogwash, you say? Check out Heidi’s 3-part blog series, [CLICK PHOTOS BELOW] “How Advertising is Like Farming”  and you may never look at a piece of bacon the same way again.








Illustrations by Allison Howle


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