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Sue : Colorist Emerita

SUE has an unsurpassed eye for color that has added the needed final touch to commercials, films + digital for over 30 years.   25 of those years have been with CRASH+SUES. (C+S turned 25 on June 4th.) Yes – she is the ‘SUES’ in CRASH+SUES!


CRASH+SUES has been awarded countless visual effects, production + edit jobs because the clients know that the color will be done with SUE.  (She can “make her blacks black without making them moody,” “her reds red without making them bleed,” “she collaborates on the color,” “she drives the direction to exactly the right look”)  It has been her color that has solved many a actual ‘visual effect’ dilemma.


Sue has earned the right to the title ‘Colorist Emerita’ which the team has affectionately bestowed on her as she has spent the last year plus working with Eric + Todd here, giving them insight into all her color ‘secrets.’  This fall she plans to step back and slow down a bit and spend part of her winters in a warmer climate.  Yet as she still has loyal clients and projects she wants to work with she is not retiring, but rather relinquishing her daily duties.


C+S though is going to take this as an opportunity to celebrate.  Celebrate SUE and celebrate 25 years of service. We are looking at September and will get you the date as soon as we have it locked!



  • Dennis C. Davies

    congrats to a an extraordinary talent – and a very nice person!

  • Dan Nyberg

    Congratulations Sue! Enjoy your lighter schedule as you continue your legendary work!

  • big red

    wish there was a like…or maybe a ‘love’ button. love you swoosie.

  • Benjamin

    Congratulations Sue, it was great meeting you and seeing the legacy you are creating.

  • Oscar

    You’re one of the best Sue!

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