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CRASH+SUES’ Proven Process!

Proven Process

As a visual media company, we believe in the power of showing clients what we do rather than just telling them. And while our sizzle reels and web site do an exceptional job of conveying the quality of our work to prospective clients, CRASH+SUES goes beyond the norm  by illustrating the methodology behind our success. It’s what we call our “Proven Process.” We believe it not only increases our customers’ confidence in doing business with us, it also benefits our organization internally by serving as a reminder to always place the needs of our clients ahead of our own.


Listen + Learn

Every great project starts with listening. CRASH+SUES listens and asks questions so that we can understand your true needs. We take the time to find out what is unique about you, your product and your process.


Collaborate + Create

We know it’s not about us. As collaborators, we are here to help you tell your story. Our team has the experience and expertise needed to help take your project beyond your highest expectations.


Deliver + Delight

CRASH+SUES constantly delivers stunning visuals using our many tools: 2D, 3D + stop motion animation, motion graphics, live production, editing + color. We know how to use these tools as a foundation to bring your story to life. We have the skills and experience to keep your project organized, engaging, and memorable.



CRASH+SUES provides strategic storytelling and video services to ad agencies, businesses and film companies seeking to create meaningful connections with their customers and employees. We’re masters of ideation, design, live action video production, animation and color, delivering compelling content that engages, entertains and educates. Call us what you want – a hybrid agency, a creative boutique, a production studio, digital daredevils, or… just call us. We’ll help you cut through the noise. Visit CRASH+SUES

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