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Count Your Blessings

My grandma Darlene used to sing “Count Your Blessings” as she did her chores. I picked up the habit singing to the animals on the farm as I did chores growing up. I also entertained them with whistling and Shakespeare monologues. They seemed very appreciative.


Singing and whistling while I work is a habit I miss as even the amazing team at CRASH+SUES frowns on it in the office.


Why was it so dear to me? It was a way for me to give thanks and focus my thoughts on something good no matter how small. It made me happy. I hear people daily tell me they want to be happy. Happiness does not just happen. I believe that happiness comes through gratitude.


My parents taught me how well gratitude works in parenting. I remember as a little girl coming into my bedroom to see a handwritten note on a small sheet of cardboard with a silver star from my mother thanking me for making my bed. Making my bed quickly became a lifelong habit as I wanted my mom’s approval – and to collect more silver stars.


I believe as a small business owner that true leadership is accomplished through deep, honest gratitude. The best work at CRASH+SUES is done when the team acknowledges each persons contributions to the end product. Each individuals’ talents and passion only fully blossom when they receive good feedback from their peers. Good feedback can only come if there is trust and I believe trust comes from building an atmosphere of gratitude.


I know this sounds too simple, but it does work.


I also believe everyone is a leader. Someone looks up to you. Foster the leadership by being thankful and showing gratitude today. It will just plain makes you both happy!

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