Center Cut Safe and Why It Still Creates Headaches [Part 2 of 3]

HD Title Safe vs Action Safe


The last thing an advertiser wants is their phone number or logo cut off on the TV screen. What  is the point of all that hard work and  money spent on airtime if potential customers don’t know the product name or can’t call the number? Part of the strict guidelines for making sure all titles on the screen are readable to all viewers includes the “title safe” area for SD center cut broadcast. And what about your on-screen talent?  With the growing trend of interview-style programming, and placing talent to one side of the screen, you have to take into consideration that getting more artsy with off-center framing is going to affect what people watching in SD are are able to see.


Keeping all the content in the middle of the screen may seem like all that extra space is being wasted on the left and right side of the screen, but until widescreen televisions have saturated the market, it’s going to be this way for a little while longer.





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