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3 NAB Featured Breakthrough Technologies You Don’t Want to Miss

The annual National Association of Broadcaster’s convention in Las Vegas is right around the corner.  Social media is abuzz with anticipation surrounding the latest emerging technologies that will be showcased.  The tech we will see next week is a glimpse at where the industry is heading and fast! If you were hoping to go, but can’t make it, follow us on Periscope as we will broadcast live with industry experts! We’ll be posting cast times on LinkedIn.  Follow us here for approximate cast times in advance. PLUS,  if you have questions for these developers, let us know in advance and I’ll make sure to get them asked!


Top 3 Anticipated Biggies: 


1) Lytro – Light Field solution
Lytro is a phenomenal breakthrough in video recording.  Up until this point, video has always been captured in two dimensions as a flat image.  Even ‘stereoscopic’ 3d video that you watch in movie theaters is a flat 2-dimensional image (albeit one for each eye).  Lytro shatters the video paradigm by capturing a field of 3d light.  Each frame is captured not as a flat image, but as a combination of color and spatial information.  In essence – it turns every frame of your video into a 3d model.  This has HUGE implications for the production and visual effects pipeline – in a good way.  3d matchmove tracking, projection mapping, and tedious rotoscoping will be things of the past.  See a video of this phenomenal capture system here:


Lytro Cinema from Lytro on Vimeo.


2) UHD 8k
You know those new 4k TV’s that just came out that people are just starting to buy?  Yeah, those will be obsolete soon.  8k has 16x the resolution of a traditional HDTV.  UHD 8k displays are bleeding edge technology with Japanese companies beginning to showcase various models in preparation for the 2020 Olympics (which will be filmed in 8k and possibly broadcast in the same resolution).  Canon is rumored to be showing off a new 8k camera and corresponding reference display at their booth this year, as well.  At over 300ppi the display will be reaching the limits of a human eye’s resolution.  I doubt we will be seeing 8k in the consumer market anytime soon, but directors LOVE to shoot with as many pixels as possible, so I expect these cameras will make their way into production soon.  The sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy is reportedly the first feature to be shot in 8k resolution.


3) VR & 360-degree video  
This year the ‘Virtual & Augmented Reality Pavilion’ is dedicated to showing off advances in the VR/AR ecosystem.  We had our own demo of the HTV VIVE at CRASH+SUES recently and it’s incredible to experience in person.  Now we will be on the hunt for cool tools that streamline 360-degree video creation. There are major implications across the entire production pipeline (directing, lighting, sound, post, vfx, distribution, etc) when shooting in 360 degrees. P.S. – If your curious to learn more about this tech, stay tuned for future casts where we will be testing this option out with the help of our friends at Cinequipt.


Don’t forget, follow us on LinkedIn to get the list of cast times AND then follow us on Periscope to watch the live casts to get your most pressing questions about this tech answered!


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