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Bike in to Work!

Are you always tired and cranky? Do you feel like you live in your cubical? What would be a good way to get outside and enjoy life, but still not feel like you are changing your life?  Have you thought about biking to work?


I bike in almost every morning, year ‘round. I do not get up ridiculously early or take a lot of extra time getting ready. I pack my Chrome™ bag with my work clothes and don my bike gear.  (Tip: using alternative clothing to bike in helps with hygiene and co-worker happiness.)


I bet you’re telling yourself that you live too far from work. Well, I live 15 miles outside of Minneapolis and I’m still able to get to work on time on just two wheels. My “secret?” I drive part of the way, park for free in Uptown, and hop on the bike paths for the rest of the ride.  Minneapolis is one of the top-ranked biking cities in the country. With paths leading to points all around the city, there’s virtually no location that is inaccessible.


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Even with just a 15 minute ride in, you can burn about 100 calories. That’s 1,000 calories in a week! Now, there are days I get the urge and I bike from home. It takes about an hour and I burn about 615 calories! (Round trip, that’s over 1200 calories in one day!.) Even if you aren’t into calorie counting just think of all the good that exercise is doing for your body! The one thing that I cannot help with is the shower. That is up to you to figure out.



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