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When the global leader on brand engagement asks for help with their brand, well…that might be a little intimidating for some. CRASH+SUES saw it as an opportunity and hit the ground running with a series of videos designed to showcase the innovative offerings at BI Worldwide. For nearly 25 years, CRASH+SUES has been the place to go for quality color, graphics and finish. But as the project at BIW exemplified, we do a lot more than that. We also strategize, concept, write, design and execute.


We were tasked by BI Worldwide to create a brand video that conveyed their global mission statement, along with a series of videos to showcase their flagship products: GoalQuest and G5.  These videos needed to speak to C-level executives yet be agile enough to be front page material for the BIW website. A core value of CRASH+SUES is that we’re creative collaborators and this value drives our unique approach to pre-production.


Since our creative knows no bounds, to pitch one idea during pre-production  seemed a little tame to us. We met with BI Worldwide and presented three different approaches from three different writers. Each approach had a distinct personality and visual style ranging from 3d graphics, to 2d graphics, to a full-blown character animation. With a range of ideas on the table, we engaged in a discussion with the client about each one; their strengths, weaknesses and realistic possibilities in terms of time and budget.



APPROACH 1 – 3D Motion Graphics

BI_triangles_V1   BI_triangles_V2   Riggs-G5_landscape


APPROACH 2 – 2D Motion Graphics



APPROACH 3 – Character Animation




Idea #1 had a strong visual style but the script lacked the depth the marketing team was looking for. Idea #2 was strong on its script but the visual energy needed to be amped up. Upon further analysis, we determined that merging the ideas would create the strongest approach to the videos. It’s this type of creative collaboration that, we find, reveals the best work.


With the clients now confident of the approach, we proceeded to do some modest tweaking of the designs and finalize the scripts. As an extension of the BIW team, C+S was mindful to write copy that was clear and concise; a goal the client was uncertain how to achieve because of their in depth  knowledge of the material.  Once this phase was concluded, we were able to begin production.







Eric Riggs and Brian Thompson tackled the animation and compositing in Cinema 4D and After Effects respectively. With more than 25 offices around the world, careful attention was paid to creating imagery that would have universal appeal. Matthew Kroese finished the project in Smoke, creating the final files to be used everywhere from the front page of the BIW website, to sales presentations, YouTube and LinkedIn.


The result? A uniquely crafted set of videos with a distinct style that the BI Worldwide brand continues to tap into, constructed 100%, from concept to completion, by the talented creatives at CRASH+SUES.




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  • Jeannie Hill

    Impressive case study. I have a high regard for BI Worldwide. They are first-class and you helped them achieve that status.

    It is impressive how you are mindful and on mentality in the processes of this project activity. To be ready in real time, to respond in a manner users want, and react to the intentions and signals that we’re seeing from prospective buyers is so powerful – as demonstrated here. You have gone above and beyond media planning to the all important component of user experience planning.

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