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3 Tips for Managing a Stress-Free Animation or Motion Graphics Project

Ok, let's go back to the fundamentals. These tips are nothing new if you've spent any amount of time managing creative projects. In fact, let's call them 'stress-free production reminders.' These reminders can be applied to any kind of video production project, but let's look at animation and motion graphics, specifically.




Gather Your Approval Team – Who needs to have a say? Are there clients further up the chain that will need to give approvals? Who will act as point person and have the final say? Clear communication is incredibly important among the approval team. We recommend keeping the team small (to avoid the 'too many cooks' scenario) as well as getting each member involved as early in the process as possible. Nobody likes surprises. Trust us. Those late-to-the-game comments can lead to some serious overages when it comes to animation.

One way to get your higher ups involved early – get approvals on the pre-production work! Styleframes will show them what the finished piece will look like, while storyboards will give them an outline of how it will progress.






Establish A Calendar – Once your approval team is established, work with your animation team to get a calendar approved and IN WRITING. You want to set expectations for everyone involved, right up front. Be sure to include all major milestones and deadlines, including when client feedback is due. Be sure to impress upon the approval team that late feedback can mean missed deadlines and broken calendars.








Use A Project Management Tool – Let's be honest. Email chains are the worst. It's easy to leave someone out, unknowingly contradict each other's feedback, or lose the email completely. Project management tools like Basecamp and Mavenlink, heck even a shared Google Doc, can go a long way towards keeping your team organized. Now instead of digging for emails, there are postings where everyone has access to the feedback given, project assets, to-do lists, and calendars.






We hope these tips get you thinking about how to best move your project forward. For a more in-depth look at the animation process, including asset and revisions checklists, check out our free ebook – The Ultimate Guide To Your Next Motion Graphics Video!

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